9 Important Concerns about Windows 8 Security Precautions

Windows 8 was released last year with much fanfare and excitement. It brought wide praise as well as criticism (as it happens with almost all new launches these days) for its various features and user interface. It was quite a drastic change for a Microsoft product, as the company has decided to move on to more of a web-based and touch-based ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Launches Surface Chinese Tablet in China!

The Surface Pro tablet was launched in february in the United States and Canada.But Microsoft promised that they will be rolling out the device in other countries soon. So as promised Microsoft launched the Surface Pro tablet in China.Though along with the 128 GB Surface Pro they also launched Surface Chinese tablet.This one has a 64 ... Continue Reading →

ModernMix app allows Modern UI apps to run in Desktop Window

StarDock,a company which is well known for the Start 8 app which brought back the Start Menu in the Windows 8 has released yet another unique app for Windows 8. The ModernMix app allows the Windows 8 users to run the Modern UI based apps in a Desktop Window,much like how the traditional apps worked on previous versions of Windows. Here ... Continue Reading →

Vizio Introduces its first Windows 8 tablet with 1080p screen, goes with AMD

Vizio is planning to break into the Windows tablet world in a big way with the introduction of its creatively-named Vizio Tablet PC.Engadget says that,this new slate will offer the full Windows 8 experience on an 11.6-inch, 1080p screen and will include AMD dual-core, 1GHz Z-60 chip. One more interesting thing to note that the tablet is running a clean ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft May Come up with Own Smartphone

Windows phone may not be gaining much traction even though its in news and soon Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet Surface would be out.Acer also warned that Surface might be too risky for Microsoft.With Microsoft want to do a comeback with Surface, Windows 8 and with Windows Phone,BGR has learned that the Redmond, Washington-based company plans to ... Continue Reading →