How to Restore/Get back Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

We saw Windows 8 Consumer Preview surpassing One million downloads in 24 hours after it was released public and many of them are so excited to try it out and install.Some of you already have installed it on your PC like me.I love Windows 8 CP as it’s superfast compared to the Developer Preview and it’s sleek but I this Metro touch ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build registry shows 9 SKU’s of Windows 8

We heard from many sources like Zdnet that Windows 8 would come in 3 flavours or SKU’s but from the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250 registry it shows 9 flavours or SKU’s of Windows 8  i.e the ones which were present in Windows 7 (6 SKU’s) plus some more. The SKU’s are     Windows 8 Starter     ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Consumer Preview surpasses one million downloads in a day

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview which was released a day back has already passed 1 million downloads and this shows how excited consumers are in trying out the Windows Consumer preview.Consumers and users want to experience whats news in Windows 8 from the earlier Windows 8 Developer Preview build which was released few months back.With ... Continue Reading →

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO images 32 bit and 64 bit

I posted about keeping your selves free to see the live the Windows 8 press conference, Microsoft has released the links to ISO images of Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer previews for 32 bit and 64 bit respectively.Some of the new improvements from the previous Developer preview is the Os-wide spell check feature,replacement of Start button to some thing ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview press conference today at 9 am EST

If you’re Microsoft and in the process of overhauling Windows so that it’s equally at home on PCs and tablets, it would make sense to unveil a semi-final version at the world’s premier wireless show. That’s exactly what’s going to happen today, when the company’s executive team takes the stage here in Barcelona to ... Continue Reading →