iPad 2 or some tab images show up in China ahead of iPad 2 event

A source named DGtle seems to have got some unsure image of an device which seems to be iPad 2.The below mockup has been procured over in China (that’s one of the hideouts where images do leak) and seems to tally closely with speculation we’ve been hearing about this hardware refresh — namely, a slimmer profile, an almost ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Tab stars in a leaked slide,T-mobile to cost $399

TMO news posted some wonderful piece of info about the Samsung Galaxy tab.If the below image is legit then it will cost you $399 for a T-mobile version.It also coincides with the price that it would be in between 200 to 400$.If this is true then it would be damn pricey as compared to Galaxy S’s price despite lacking telephone functionality.But ... Continue Reading →