Apple announces Q1 2012 earnings : $46.33 Billion Revenue, 37.04 Million iPhones, 15.43 Million iPads Sold 5.2 million Macs, 15.4 million iPods

Apple revealed its Q1 2012 earnings and I must say things are looking’ pretty awesome for the Cupertino. Why ? The company just set a new record for quarterly revenue and profit in Q1 of 2012, netting $46.33 billion in total with $13.06 billion earnings — the latter number representing about half of the company’s annual ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 shipments to approach 30 million units this year

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn has reportedly ramped up iPhone 5 production as the next-generation smartphone finally approaches launch next month. There has been cases of Foxcon workers dying and lack of compensations but here is some new info.Citing anonymous industry sources, DigiTimes reports that production of Apple’s fifth-generation ... Continue Reading →

Apple wins German injunction against Samsung

Apple’s ongoing patent battle with Samsung has taken a new turn, now that Cupertino has won an injunction blocking German sales of the recently unveiled Galaxy Tab 7.7.FOSS Patents reports that,Samsung pulled its new Android tablet Galaxy Tab 7.7 from both the IFA show floor and its German website on Saturday, in compliance with a Friday decision ... Continue Reading →

Sony’s PSP Go price dropped to $150

Sony in a move to increase sales has cut the price of PSP Go.Its 16GB, download-only console now has a permanent $150 price, matching Best Buy’s sale from late last year. The reduction is the second official drop of 50$ for the PSP Go since October, when it fell another $50(not to mention a $40 price cut to the regular PSP just last week).Sony ... Continue Reading →

Complete List of Black Friday Deals

Today is Black friday and this is where you get hold off the best deals.Anyway, we’re rounding up some of the best deals we can find, and we’re going to put them all, right here, in this one, glorious post. We’ll keep updating this bad boy as long as you’re here to read about the delicious deals. Because, as you know, we love ... Continue Reading →