Firefox 4 beats IE9 in usage

You might be knowing that Chrome and Safari continue to gain share of worldwide usage while IE and Firefox continue to lose.Until recently in February 2011 the statistics shifted a little because of updated population figures changed how much some countries were weighted.Despite arriving a week later, Firefox  4 is outpacing Internet Explorer ... Continue Reading →

Apple releases iOS 4.3 GM candidate for iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 4G/3G

Apple had showed the glimpse of what improvements you would expect in the final version of iOS 4.3 in the iPad 2 event.Some of its features include the Nitro Javscript engine from Safari on OS X, new iTunes Home Sharing features that let you play content from desktop iTunes over WiFi,the updated suite of AirPlay features from the betas — including ... Continue Reading →

Get batteries when you need the most

How many times have you had the chance to go for outing or a safari or an adventure and while camping you find that the batteries gets dead and you have no option left to do.So what i feel is you need to have a strong batteries which can withstand and give you what you have want.Just found a site which deals with Batteries.Why am I saying this, is i ... Continue Reading →

Flash 10.1 successfully ported to iPad(video)

Remember me saying you about how to enable flash on iDevices using Cloudbrowse and Smokes screen. The guy  named — Flash (or is that “Frash”?) behind Spirit untethered jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has now managed to run Flash running cleverly ported from Android. The YouTube video claims that by using a compatibility ... Continue Reading →

Motorola Droid X coming to Verizon

The folks at Phandroid have got their hands on pics alleging to be Verizon internal documentation that gives details on the mysterious upcoming handset and its been dubbed as Droid X which is a dual band 1xEVDo handset.The phone is sitting thin at 0.39-inches thick, 2.5-inches wide and 5.01-inches tall, and a decent 5.47 ounces and this may include ... Continue Reading →