AT&T slashes prices of iPad too

After Apple slashed prices of the original iPad from 499$ to 399$,AT&T has also followed its footsteps and has reduced the price of the original iPad models by 100$ online and in its retail location.A 16GB iPad will now retail for $529, 32GB for $629 and 64GB for $729. If you short of cash and aren’t blown away by the new features ... Continue Reading →

Sanjay Jha hints multiple Motorola tablet sizes in the making, hints at Atrix on other carriers

Sanjay Jha just confirmed on Motorola’s earnings call that he “sees good reason” to eventually release an entire family of tablets at “different multiple different display sizes and price points.” Specifically, Jha mentioned 7-inch tablets, and later said that consumer demographics like kids, teenagers, and “women” ... Continue Reading →

Netflix ported WebKit to the PS3 to enable HTML5 goodies

Remember in October, Netflix came up with 1080 streaming and disc-free Netflix experience for the PS3, then  came the situation where different people were getting a different UI, and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the differentiation. Well, it turns out Netflix was flexing a bit of its HTML5 muscle, rapidly testing different ... Continue Reading →

AirVideoEnabler hack brings AirPlay video to the rest of your apps

Apple’s new AirPlay video streaming feature is great… unless you want to use it in a non-Apple app. I am not sure what is the reason, Apple is restricting AirPlay video to just its first party apps right now, and not even all of those (Safari is left out, for instance). Interestingly, Apple actually built the functionality in, it’s ... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Successful ATM Distributor

Becoming an ATM distributor is easy and an ideal choice for those who wish to earn money quickly. ATM has gained popularity since its inception. The main reason behind its huge popularity is the ease of using the machine. These machines are quite convenient to use. Anyone can use an ATM without any complicacies. This is the reason more and more people ... Continue Reading →