Microsoft says sorry for the rocky Windows Phone Update process

Recently the N0D0 update for Windows phone  was released and Microsoft has admitted & apologized that Windows phone update process has been rocky.Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program, explained the Windows Phone “NoDo” update delays in a video.The explanation followed fierce criticism from Windows Phone ... Continue Reading →

Esomar talk by Pravin Shekar

Hello guys and gals, Siddanth here. I choose Amrita School of Business for pursuing my MBA and I must say I haven’t taken a bad decision. Few days back my classes commenced after a week of orientation. Enjoying classes and the atmosphere in Amrita thanks to awesome teaching faculty and some great scenic beauty of Ettimadai.I was informed that we would ... Continue Reading →

Google says Bye Bye China

China’s policy of restricting information, its unique way of filtering, censoring incoming info from every single form of media has led Google to say Sayonara to China.Books are screened before they’re allowed to be sold in the country, internet content is filtered, and even TV content is monitored.Since Google set up operations in China (along ... Continue Reading →

Kill multiple processes using command prompt in Windows 7

If your task manager gets stuck or unresponsive due to intensive apps and you are not able to kill the particular process.What do u do ?You press Ctrl Alt Delete to open up task manager and find the culprit.But you can kill multiple processes using command prompt in Windows 7 how ? Open the Command Prompt in the Administrative privileges mode ... Continue Reading →