Apple wins another patent as ITC rules against HTC

Even though the great Innovator Steve Jobs is not with us any more but the stars are shinning for Apple.Reuters reports that Apple has won another patent battle with the Taiwanese handset maker HTC when the ITC judge ruled in favour of Apple.This will come as a relief to the Cupertino, California company as competitor HTC in May of last year ... Continue Reading →

Apple sues back at Motorola over Multi-Touch

Did you think Apple would sit quiet when Motorola had sued back at Apple over patent infringement issues.Remember when Motorola said Droid Does and iPhone Doesn’t? You could be wrong.Apple strikes back at Moto.Apple has recently filed two lawsuits(reports from Patentlyapple) against Motorola over six patents filed by Apple relating to Multi-Touch. ... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft helping HTC to fight against Apple or is it after Android ?

In a combat strategy to take on Apple, Microsoft(which makes Windows Mobile and soon Windows Phone 7) has announced a licensing agreement with HTC for its mobile phone patents that gives HTC access to “broad coverage” under Microsoft’s patent portfolio.Financial terms were not disclosed. HTC will pay Microsoft royalties for the Android phones ... Continue Reading →