Jury Comes to Conclusion finds Google Doesn’t Infringe Oracle Patents

Think we have a final Conclusion to the ongoing Google-Oracle Android lawsuit.Judge William Alsup of the US District Court for Northern California ruled that Google did not infringe on six claims in US Patent RE38,104, along two claims in US Patent 6,061,520, He concluded that Google did not infringe upon Oracle’s patents concerning ... Continue Reading →

Oracle and Google Java-Android Patent fight gets a date – April 16th !

As we know that its been almost 2 years that Google and Oracle are not in good legal terms thanks to the legal spat with Oracle suing Google over the java patent infringement in Android.Till now the damages claims have been adjusted, reduced, and reduced again from 2.6 billion to under 100 million. All this activity, plus continuous settlement talks ... Continue Reading →

Apple files German lawsuit against Samsung, targets Galaxy S II and nine other smartphones

Patent infringement accusations have been going on between Apple and Samsung and here is some more twist to it.Now Apple has thrown one more punch at Samsung by filing a suit in Germany , targeting its Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Plus and eight other handsets. The suit which is targeting 10 smartphone models was filed in Dusseldorf Regional Court ... Continue Reading →

Apple wins another patent as ITC rules against HTC

Even though the great Innovator Steve Jobs is not with us any more but the stars are shinning for Apple.Reuters reports that Apple has won another patent battle with the Taiwanese handset maker HTC when the ITC judge ruled in favour of Apple.This will come as a relief to the Cupertino, California company as competitor HTC in May of last year asked ITC ... Continue Reading →

Apple sues back at Motorola over Multi-Touch

Did you think Apple would sit quiet when Motorola had sued back at Apple over patent infringement issues.Remember when Motorola said Droid Does and iPhone Doesn’t? You could be wrong.Apple strikes back at Moto.Apple has recently filed two lawsuits(reports from Patentlyapple) against Motorola over six patents filed by Apple relating to Multi-Touch. ... Continue Reading →