Windows Phone ‘Tango’ images leak, reveals new details

Microsoft’s next mobile operating system, Windows Phone “Tango,” images were leaked and  were published on Wednesday, which showed a number of new features.Russian site WP7forum said that Tango will feature the ability to export contacts to a SIM card, handle multiple attachments in a single MMS message and manage roaming both domestically ... Continue Reading →

Run Android apps on your Windows PC – BlueStacks

BlueStacks a small company backed by Ignition Ventures, Radar Partners, Helion Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz recently scored a $7.6 million Series A financing round from these companies based on its new software, which ports Android applications over to any x86 device running Windows. According to BlueStacks This softwatre is ... Continue Reading →

Google I/O Developer’s Conference 2011 – Complete story

This post would have come sooner but I was so engrossed in the last 2 days with the Google I/O conference had also got a invite to attend in Bangalore but thanks to my work and some bad date timings I couldn’t go to the event.But I made sure I watched it online and also get updated via twitter.So let me just post all the things which happened ... Continue Reading →

Acer confirms plans of coming up with Windows Phone 7

There were hints of Acer coming up with Windows Phone 7 when Microsoft employee hinted about it couple months ago, but now Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci has come out and said it: Acer’s working on Windows Phone 7. In an interview with Ina Fried, Gianfranco touched briefly on the company’s plans for Microsoft’s new OS, after an ill-fated ... Continue Reading →

Government Of India Planning To Launch 35$ Tablet

The Indian HRD ministry revealed  a 35$ tablet  in a press conference held recently.Talking about the device is powered by Linux Operating System  according to Indian Express with 5 to 9″ display(Touch Screen) the cost of the device is around 35$ .What more? Government is thinking about Mass Production of this device which will eventually Drop ... Continue Reading →