OS X Mountain Lion will be download only, no USB key available

Last time around Apple was considerate to those who couldn’t download the 4GB from App Store so they gave a USB stick alternative priced at 69$ but this time things may be changing.Apple confirmed to Pocket-Lint that the recently unveiled OS X Mountain Lion will be available to customers only via the Mac App Store when it comes out ... Continue Reading →

Firefox 4 Beta 1 available for download

Mozilla officially made available the next version of Firefox i.e 4.0. Even though this is a Beta 1 release, you can hook up your engines and start downloading and testing it on Windows, Linux and OS X-based machines.what’s new in this version.Firefox 4 Beta (version 1) considered to be stable and safe to use for daily web browsing, though the ... Continue Reading →

Speed up sync of iPhone and iPod – BackOff

Backing up data of iPhone and iPod is really one thing to consider and do it on a timely basis but syncing via iTunes could be a pain as it takes time in syncing.The main reason is due to huge portion of the time has been spent to backup iPhone contents into PC. While this automated action could be useful in many cases but it may not necessarily true ... Continue Reading →

Transform Win Xp to match Mac OS X using Leopard-X Theme

I had covered previously how can you convert Windows Xp to look like Windows 7 here is how you can transform to make it look like MAC OS X.This could be achieved using Leopard X Theme pack which transforms Windows XP to Mac OS X. Thanks to DeviantArt user Vladimir0523 for uploading this.This comes with Leopard-X visual styles, styler, Mac search skin, ... Continue Reading →

Download Pwnage tool to unlock/jailbreak Iphone 3.1 firmware

After the release of Iphone 3.1 firmware,Iphone 3G S users were eager to update to the latest firmware and there were in a situation that they couldn’t jailbreak once they had upgraded to 3.1 firmware from the 3.0 firmware.What to do now ? Vinay had posted a method how to downgrade Iphone 3G S to older 3.0 firmware.Iphone users had to wait so ... Continue Reading →