Nvidia unveils Tegra 4, ‘world’s fastest mobile processor’ – Quad-core Cortex A15, 72 GPU cores

Today in the Nvidia event, Nvidia unveiled next-generation Tegra processor for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks where the CEO Jen-Hsun Huang calls as world’s fastest mobile processor – Tegra 4.The chip, which retains the same 4-plus-1 arrangement of its predecessor along with a fifth, low power, core to save battery life.It ... Continue Reading →

‘Project Grey’ Processor Not Coming Until 2013 – Nvidia Confirms

Nvidia announced in its Q1 earnings that they had brought $924 million in revenue with $60 million in profit.It also projected that they would hit $1.05 billion in revenue for the next quarter up from a previous estimate of $990 million.But coming into what we would expect in the next year it was kinda disappointing as Nvidia said highly anticipated ... Continue Reading →

Tegra 4 roadmap hints at LTE connectivity headed for Q1 2013 release

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang had said that Tegra 3 was almost done and Tegra 4 was on it’s way that we could expect a new Tegra “every single year”, so if anything, the fourth iteration of the series is slightly pushed a year ahead to 2013. Chinese site VR-Zone, reported that  they have got some inside details on what the next deployment ... Continue Reading →

Notion Ink explains why it choose OMAP over Tegra for the Adam II

I have a Tegra based tablet and I have seen Nvidia not providing more updates to tablets and smartphones at the earliest.This might be the reason why Notion Ink choose OMAP over Nvidia’s Tegra.A post on Notion Ink’s new Adam II development blog adds some info which discusses the switch from an NVIDIA Tegra chip in its first Adam slate to ... Continue Reading →

Raspberry PI will supposedly perform twice the performance of the new iPhone 4S

In an interview with Digital Foundry, Raspberry Pi executive director Eben Upton shed some light on the little $25/$35 credit card-sized PC and said that this chip would crank out twice the performance of the iPhone 4S “across a range of content.” He even trashed Tegra while comparing his home-grown GPU core to Nvidia’s mobile solution. I ... Continue Reading →