Google Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th event

It seems as next week Google will give an info about how its Cloud based Chrome Operating system is coming along.Multiple sources like Engadget, AllThingsD have told that Google will be holding some sort of event on Tuesday, December 7th.We’re not sure if it’ll be a live event, a webcast, or something else entirely — and ... Continue Reading →

MiFi Vs Mobile Broadband How different are they ?

Many people ask what a MiFi is and how is it different from the mobile broadband Wi-Fi, well here’s some information to help you get to grips with this new phenomenon. The MiFi is a compact wireless router, small enough to fit inside your pocket or into a bag pocket; it allows you to create your own Wi-Fi hotspot on the go. The device allows you to ... Continue Reading →

All you need to know about Apple's tablet – iPad

The wait is finally over, the spreading rumors about Apple’s tablet rumored to be iSlate is turned false as Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad -the Oversized iPod Touch/ definitive ebook reader / portable internet browser / portable gaming device / iPhone HD at Yerba Buena Gardens theater in San Francisco, Calif,.The pic below shows the unveiling of ... Continue Reading →

Black Friday and where to get the best Deals

Black Friday as far as i know is a day where you can get the most of the killer deals on any Gear and you won’t be paying the same rates which was applicable few weeks back.You can’t just go into a shop and just try to get the stuff you want.If you have to save your pockets then would need some sort of strategy and planning.Retailers are ... Continue Reading →