Significance of Hummingbird – Latest SEO Update of the Google Algorithm for your website

Google, once again, refurbished its search engine and this time it’s a big one. The search engine has got a new and a bigger algorithm update, named as Hummingbird, which is said to be the largest update after the Caffeine update made in the year 2001. This update is done as an act to co-operate with the long and complicated queries used ... Continue Reading →

Google Launching AdWords Business Credit Card To Boost SMB Search Ad Spend

Good news for SMB’s concentrating heavily on Adwords to widen their reach and create an impression in the minds of consumers.Google posted on Google Adwords blog, that it is launching a new service in the UK extending to US later on, AdWords Business Credit, which offers credit to companies specifically in the SMB sector to boost their online ... Continue Reading →

Why Project Glass is a Futuristic Concept According to Google

Google is an innovative company, but has the search-engine giant overstepped the mark with Project Glass? Is the world ready for life-augmenting glasses or is the project a concept for the future? Read on to learn more about this fascinating development. Project Glass is as futuristic a concept as any but perhaps too futuristic for now. Some ... Continue Reading →

Google makes the Nexus 7 Tablet Official: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a $199 price tag (Video)

Well with the leaks and rumors before the Google I/O Keynote event had given us details of the launch of Nexus 7 tablet and now Google has officially revealed it in the Google I/O Keynote today.The 7-inch slate is the first and currently only device shipping with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and takes advantage of its optimization for smaller tablet screens, ... Continue Reading →

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Officially Announced by Google, Rolling out in Mid July

If you have been following my Google I/O keynote live blog, then you should have known by now that Android 4.1 i.e Jelly Bean is officially announced.Even though it may not be a major shift as it was from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich but still this marks an important improvement for the Android Ecosystem. Google started with some numbers where ... Continue Reading →