Firefox 4 beats IE9 in usage

You might be knowing that Chrome and Safari continue to gain share of worldwide usage while IE and Firefox continue to lose.Until recently in February 2011 the statistics shifted a little because of updated population figures changed how much some countries were weighted.Despite arriving a week later, Firefox  4 is outpacing Internet Explorer ... Continue Reading →

Fennec for Android [Alpha] Released

  If you were praying for a Fantastic Browser for your Android Device then what can you expect more than the Best Desktop browser optimized for your Mobile ? Welcome to Fennec , The Firefox Browser for Android ! Continue Reading →

Mozilla Disables 2 Addons Having Security Vulnerability

A couple of days ago mozilla disabled 2 of the addons for firefox  due to some security vulnerability issues as reported on their blog.One of the add on named Mozilla Sniffer was found out to be a malicious addon which was used to steal user login information submitted to any of the sites and then transferring it to a remote unknown location. Another ... Continue Reading →

Firefox 4 Beta 1 available for download

Mozilla officially made available the next version of Firefox i.e 4.0. Even though this is a Beta 1 release, you can hook up your engines and start downloading and testing it on Windows, Linux and OS X-based machines.what’s new in this version.Firefox 4 Beta (version 1) considered to be stable and safe to use for daily web browsing, though the ... Continue Reading →

Auto pager Plugin for Mozilla Firefox users.

I being busy with my Tech based forums find it irritating that the sessions go off very fast and i have to login again to the forum to get the new posts or the page i was reading presently inspite of me saving the id and password for the site . Now Firefox makes it easy for me with a addon named Auto pager. AutoPager is a Firefox extension which automatically ... Continue Reading →