iPhone 4 64GB leaks or is it a iPhone 5 Prototype ?

Inspite of Apple trying hard not to disclose it’s happenings to early to the outside world, leaks do tend to happen very frequently take the case of iPhone 4 and iPad 2 too.Apparently there’s a 64GB iPhone 4 in hands of some random Shanzen guy who is showing it to the world. Not only he possesses the unit but has got some more units ... Continue Reading →

iPad 2 or some tab images show up in China ahead of iPad 2 event

A source named DGtle seems to have got some unsure image of an device which seems to be iPad 2.The below mockup has been procured over in China (that’s one of the hideouts where images do leak) and seems to tally closely with speculation we’ve been hearing about this hardware refresh — namely, a slimmer profile, an almost entirely ... Continue Reading →