Google I/O Developer’s Conference 2011 – Complete story

This post would have come sooner but I was so engrossed in the last 2 days with the Google I/O conference had also got a invite to attend in Bangalore but thanks to my work and some bad date timings I couldn’t go to the event.But I made sure I watched it online and also get updated via twitter.So let me just post all the things ... Continue Reading →

Firefox 4 beats IE9 in usage

You might be knowing that Chrome and Safari continue to gain share of worldwide usage while IE and Firefox continue to lose.Until recently in February 2011 the statistics shifted a little because of updated population figures changed how much some countries were weighted.Despite arriving a week later, Firefox  4 is outpacing Internet Explorer 9 in ... Continue Reading →

Look of Google Chome OS netbook keyboard revealed

Few mins back I posted about the Google chrome OS event to be scheduled on December 7th.The picture you see below is what is supposed to be the chrome OS netbook keyboard.We don’t know all that much about the rest of the netbook  but reports from the multiple sources says that it’s powered by an Intel Atom processor — but the image ... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th event

It seems as next week Google will give an info about how its Cloud based Chrome Operating system is coming along.Multiple sources like Engadget, AllThingsD have told that Google will be holding some sort of event on Tuesday, December 7th.We’re not sure if it’ll be a live event, a webcast, or something else entirely — and that the shindig ... Continue Reading →

Chrome Web store in Developer preview

You remember the announcement of Chrome Webstore in the Google I.O conference which was held in May right ? The first step towards achieving this milestone has been made by making available the developer preview of the Chrome Web Store. According to the Chromium blog Developers can now start uploading apps and experiment with packaging them, installing ... Continue Reading →