Live updates from Microsoft Windows phone 7 launch event

Hardly few mins left for the Windows phone 7 launch event which hopingly will showcase some wp7 devices like the LG optimus 7 ,Samsung Omnia 7 and some more to come like the HTC HD7, HTC Trophy, Samsung Cedar and HTC Mondrian.The stage is set and Microsoft is set to launch at-least 3-4 new phones on the AT&T network with Microsoft CEO ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft and Adobe CEO meet up for some talks on world domination

Inspite of having tough times Microsoft and Adobe are coming together in talks to devise a strategy against Google and Apple so that they can come back to the same playing arena for smart phones.According to a New York Times report — which was crafted after collecting reports from “employees and consultants to the companies who were involved ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 a repetitive taste of Windows 7 success

Windows 8, as you know should arrive in early-2012, has yet to receive much media attention. That’s probably because the most exciting thing we’ve heard about it so far is that it ‘might’ have an ‘app store’, and other leaks have all been centered around performance improvements (which are a given).Microsoft has a lot riding ... Continue Reading →