Bing 2.0 search app now available on iOS devices with better Facebook integration

Bing 2.0 search app is now made available on iTunes for iOS devices with some nice features like integrated Facebook Likes on search results and in-app checkins to Facebook and Foursquare, Bing now comes packing Streetside,  which was in labs at Microsoft Research sometime back. Unlike Google’s Streetview that requires a lot of ... Continue Reading →

New Microsoft brand logos and company tagline revealed at MGX event?

At the annual MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) event Microsoft might have revealed something big,namely… new logos for its main and poular brands which include Office , Bing , Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox along with a fresh brand motto. “Be What’s Next” touts a teaser which has been posted on YouTube, along with a fast moving ... Continue Reading →

Search Google, Bing and Yahoo in single click

Do you rely on Google search for most of your search results.Do you feel it gives you what you wanted in the first page of Search page.Do you feel Bing can overtake Google and compete with Yahoo.Here is one website named GooHooBi which lets who search all the 3 search engines and gives you a chance to compare the results.I feel the results of Bing and ... Continue Reading →