iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560×1920 Resolution Display?

Behind the reports of a new mac book air coming at the end of June there was a single sentence nonchalantly stating that the iPad 3 would launch in the fourth quarter of this year with a screen resolution “5-6 times” higher than the iPad 2. I mean how could I believe this fact ? The numbers seemed absurd so Macrumors tracked down ... Continue Reading →

Apple iPad 2 live event coverage

Apple event is live and streaming on.Here are some updates which are happening.This post will be updated.Keep checking it. Steve joins in to the stage.He seems fit and fine Standing ovation for Steve Jobs. People are flipping out. He looks good! “We’ve been working on this product for awhile, and I didn’t want to miss it.” “We’ve ... Continue Reading →

iPad 2 release date confirmed, Apple event on March 2, watch it online

I knew this was coming soon and the release date of iPad 2 is now confirmed as Apple has started sending invites for selected people to attend the iPad 2 event on March 2nd at Yerba Buena Center for arts at 10.00 AM.As told in my previous post the iPad 2 would be much thinner, faster and will come with twin cameras for Face time video chat support. The ... Continue Reading →

iPad 2 will come with rear and front-facing cameras, confirmed by multiple sources

There has been lots of rumors spreading out and here is one more concerning the iPad 2.Reuters is reporting from 4 sources the next-gen iPad will sport dual cameras – front and rear, and could begin production as early as the first quarter of 2011.The report further confirms the likelihood of a FaceTime-capable iPad, as reported by AppleInsider ... Continue Reading →

iPad becomes ‘most quickly adopted non-phone electronic product

When the iPad finally came in April it was greeted with the expected fanfare, but opinions were rather divided about whether the thing would be a long-term success. Six months on there can be no doubt, with the tablet selling 4.5 million units in its first quarter of availability according to CNBC. The truly magical iPhone? That managed a (relatively) ... Continue Reading →