Sony begins Banning PS3 Jailbreakers and Pirates in the Europe and US

Sony has started banning the PS3 hackers, modders and offenders in Europe and the US! This move comes directly from Sony with an issual of an official statement yesterday warning PlayStation 3 jailbreakers and homebrew software users that they will be ‘permanently’ banned from the PlayStation Network, as well as Sony’s Qriocity media ... Continue Reading →

Facebook pulls app access to phone numbers and address

Remember last week Face book had given app makers potential access to use a person’s user addresses and phone number.Quickly Face book has blocked this feature due to negative user feedback.This potential access was met with some outcries about privacy concerns, which is always a big subject when it comes to Face book.In a blog post Face book ... Continue Reading →

Then & Now- the Internet from past to present

The history of the Internet is filled with many myths, not the least of which is its invention by Al Gore in the year 600 B.C. (to help prevent Napoleon’s invasion). However, there are also plenty of legitimate facts and major occasions which mark the trail, creating a distinct vision of the “ancient” and “modern” web. ... Continue Reading →

Facebook blocks Apple’s Ping service for unauthorized use

Remember I had posted about Ping feature in the new version of iTunes v10.There were some whispers spreading that Apple had to yank Facebook Connect integration from its new Ping music network because the connection was being denied by Facebook, and now Kara Swisher at All Things D confirms it.she’s saying Facebook shut down access on purpose ... Continue Reading →

White HTC EVO 4G coming exclusively to Best Buy on July 11th

Disappointed that you won’t be able to get hands on a white iPhone 4 HD on the launch day eh ? Don’t you worry, HTC EV0 4G — America’s first 4G smartphone would be available in white and would exclusively be sold through Best Buy and not exclusively on Sprint.The date is set as July 11th.Sprint would gain access on August 8th, ... Continue Reading →