How to choose a camera phone

How to choose a camera phone

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You must have been lost trying to choose a smartphone that works well, photograph well and do not get you into bankruptcy, have not you? A certain friend of mine is freaking out because her beloved LG G4 smartphone has freaked out and now she’s arguing with her husband to see how much they will spend to maintain their social networking addiction and their adoration for photos.

Well, how I want to help I decided to make a little guide on things that you should take into account before buying a new smartphone to do everything, less phone!

Whatever camera you choose, make sure you read first enough reviews. This is something that can not be ignored when you want to choose the best camera on a mobile phone.

RAM memory

Almost nobody takes that into account but it is one of the most important details in smartphones nowadays. It has the same function as the RAM of a PC or notebook, that is, the more fluid the applications will have to run.

In our country the high-end smartphones come with 3 or 4 GB of RAM installed but abroad, especially among some Chinese brands, there are already 6 cell phones and even 8 GB of RAM.

Currently, smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM may experience crashes and slowness in more demanding applications.

Storage Memory

It is usually the data that sellers most like to proclaim. Top-class smartphones come with 32, 64, 128 and up to 256 GB options. This is the memory that will be used to internally store applications, personal data, pictures and videos (if you do not use an external memory card). This is also where the smartphone system software is stored.

Smartphones with 8 or even 16GB of internal storage are the guarantee that you will have problems if you start receiving many videos and images from WhatsApp or installing many applications. Do you know that annoying warning saying you do not have enough free memory to install an application or run an application? That’s the problem …

Oh, and trying to clean the memory of the smartphone sometimes does not solve the problem because many people need everything they have installed, you can not delete anything.

External Storage Memory

Many smartphones have the possibility of adding an external memory, of the type Micro SD, to extend the possibility of storage of data of the equipment.

Normally you can set whether you want photos, videos and files from some applications to be written to external memory, but, unbelievably, some manufacturers create difficulties for this function.
This is the case, for example, the function that from Android 6.0, allows you to format an SD card to function as internal memory. If your smartphone enables the function, when you install the card you will see a warning asking if you want to use memory as a portable storage (for transferring pictures, common use of the card) or as internal memory, which will format the card making it it can no longer be read externally.