Download Long YouTube Videos without Any Trouble

Download Long YouTube Videos without Any Trouble

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Finding apps which can download YouTube videos are easy, but finding a perfect one for it is very tough. If you go on searching an easy way to download long YouTube video, the search will bring you a long list of apps and all of them work, but do they work as you want them to work? That is the question you should reply first before downloading an app.

Some apps say they download long YouTube video, but when you use their free version for downloading long videos they will either limit you by saying you can’t download more than this much minutes with free version or the videos will have bad resolutions.

Average YouTube videos are between 5 and 18 minutes, but there are some instances you would want to download a video that is two hours long. Most probably your YouTube downloader won’t let you do this. So, again you got to search a program which will download this big file.

Airy is the most popular YouTube long video downloader. It has great features to help you out with your download.

The best feature of Airy is that you can download any length of video or audio you want. You can also get most out of downloading YouTube videos if you use Airy.

Firstly not only it can download videos it also downloads audios of any length. It can also download an entire playlist or channel if you want. It allows bulk downloads of different videos.

Suppose right now you want to download a long YouTube video and you are not getting any downloader which supports long YouTube video download, well don’t worry, download Airy, it will support two downloads of videos from YouTube absolutely free of cost. If you are satisfied you can then convert it to pro version and in pro version there are many more offers and special features.

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