ArchiveFS and Its Magic on Making the Best Archiving Program

ArchiveFS and Its Magic on Making the Best Archiving Program

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Hablas Espanol?

Do you speak Spanish? The world is becoming global, and a lot of people of a different culture is coming together, and the world is becoming global. The software companies are seeing an increase in some customers from non-English speaking countries. China, Spain, and many different countries are also now buyers of software companies. Looking at this trend, Chinese, Spanish, and many other languages has been included in ArchiverFS.

Time and money, both valuable, save them with ArchiverFS

Most users face one common problem is what to do with the files sitting right there in the computer, they are old files, but for some reason or the other, you can’t get rid of them. You go on wondering and files get on piling in your computer. This is because till now, there were no active ways to tackle them. But ArchiverFS is different, and it’s unique.

Works at file system’s level

ArchiverFS works at the level of the file system. It gives you a way which is structured and can migrate all of your old files and unused file to second-tier storage.

Features of ArchiverFS

The features you would expect to get are as follows:

  • Seamless stubs can be left in the place of old files after they have been migrated.
  • Variety of broad choices to control how the files are to be migrated, such as the age of the file, size of the file, type of the file, etc.
  • Reporting
  • You can compress the files after they are archived.

In the new release of ArchiverFS v 3.460, there are new features. Those features make the archiving job faster than ever released.

ArchiverFS also had low demands on RAM, CPU and Input-Output, therefore, making it the most economical archiving solution on the market until today.

You also get scalability, which is massive; operation, which is agent free; and compatibility, which is compatible with many technologies like dedeplication and DFS.