3 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Product Sales Volume

3 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Product Sales Volume

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Are You wondering about how you can increase your sales by using the social media? Both start-up and already established companies are using social media to gain sales volume. This article is meant to show you not only how it is done, but also how you can do it too. Pioneering businesses or companies are trying to bring the social e-commerce by joining sites like Instagram with websites that are familiar with most known social media sites such as Pinterest. With the lines of websites, social media and e-commerce blurred, these important marketing strategies have ceased from being stand-alone components. They’re rather one broad, and fully branded method for improving sales.

#1: Link product pictures to product pages.

Whenever fans see a product they are addicted to, they can’t help it but leave comments, asking how and where to purchase it. If you are ready to invest, you can try out good sites yourself, that can help you republish a user-generated photo inside your site in different ways. Both methods may be expensive. In case you are on the search for a more reasonable price option, then you can get started by creating your own Pinterest theme website for your e-commerce business.

#2: Create a familiar space

Whether you are working with your social media profiles or your websites, as a potential, you will always think about how to make more money. For example, 411 Smart Search Calgary is a popular site that makes it easy to look for new ideas and then organize your own. Some other social commerce sites have designed social shopping sites that looks like a well-designed window display. There are lots of photo collage style themes in existence that can help you in creating an individual gallery. This can be used to match and mix different products design a whole lot and also a link to your e-commerce shop.

#3: Include customer’s photos on product pages.

You can ask customers to take photos of themselves wearing your product, and tag the pictures whenever they are sharing them on a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Let customers know that instead of just taking a selfie with your product, they can as well share it online with other customers. Ensure the site you are using includes instructions on how such photos should be tagged on Facebook or Instagram.

To add such tech to your site, there are many Instagram plugins that will show other users photos as well as your tagged photos on the website’s sidebar.

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