Windows RT already jailbroken to run ARM-based desktop apps

Did you think only Apple’s iDevices could be jail broken eh ? Think Again ! Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system has finally been jail broken  Security researcher clrokr claims to have developed a way to allow desktop applications to run on Microsoft’s ARM-based OS. A tweak can allow unsigned desktop apps to be installed on the Windows 8 RT.

Using a method to exploit the setting in memory, the vulnerability could allow Windows RT to run ARM compiled desktop apps. The revelation is a jailbreak, but bad news is that x86 desktop apps wont run as of now as you will need to be compile to ARM to work on Windows RT.The trick will need to be executed each time the operating system is booted up and will persist until it’s reset.


Microsoft prioritized battery life with Windows RT, restricting desktop apps to built-in and Office 2013 RT. With this restriction lifted, running any ARM desktop apps will impact the battery life.So that’s a con there.Nevertheless, it’s done and expect to see some homebrew ARM desktop apps in the future for Windows RT.


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