Microsoft Windows 8 Pro “Surface Pen”: New Edition On The Way

Microsoft is ready to  launch its new Edition Windows 8 Pro with Surface Pen. The latest information got its root from the company on Jan 22 about its new model Surface Windows 8 Pro. However, there is a little wait standing between you and your new flavor, which will be presented, for purchase to the customers from Feb. 9 in Canada and U.S. To peek for the new features of Windows 8 pro you can go through the Microsoft help, which is accessible which includes renowned expertise and analyzers. There you can have a look and access the information regarding its new features such as battery backup, features, convenience, look, ease-of-usage utilization and certainly the look.

Surface Pro trials on an Intel Core i5 processor and can run with Windows 8 application, starting at $899 for the 64GB model, as well as recent Windows 7 PC programs also available in a 128GB model.

Preparing for upgrading your current PC to Windows 8? The news is “any PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, or can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro if you’re the system passes the compatibility test. So, users having an old Microsoft system can consider upgrading their current operating system and if not interested in upgrading your system. There is another way open with the Windows 8 Release Pro.

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 pro is also available in 128GB model. The Intel Core i5 CPU can run on both Windows 7 application and Windows 8 applications. Windows 8 Pro has features of windows 8 and also posses several other characteristics such as:-

  • Ability to take release of Remote Desktop connections
  • Virtual Hard Disk Booting,
  •  Bit Locker and Bit Locker To Go
  •  Encrypting File System
  •  Group Policy
  •  The capacity to contribute in a Windows Server domain,
  •  Hyper-V

Practically Windows Media Center will be available only for Windows 8 Pro as separate software and the other feature contains of a surface pen. This new edition Windows 8 Pro has the ability to use different language packs, permitting a number of user interface languages.

Surface Windows Pro 8

In the new edition of Windows 8 Pro Surface pen is included. This extraordinary feature of window pro assists writers; designers and engineers work with block tools. Such as Drawings and scripting making efforts more joyful and fun for its users. It’s a stimulating new addition to the surface series.

Every person needs a good machine and equipment to stay in the completion and easily and timely get his job done. So everybody whether the professional, student or a person who likes to travel will be provided with this new addition. Surface window 8pro is more powerful and flexible. Windows 8 Pro is a perfect piece to the Surface Windows RT and carry out a long time enjoyment with plenty of effectiveness power.

This new edition will be available soon on all the stores through Microsoft vendors.There will be extra Surface accessories available with Microsoft Windows 8 Pro:

  • Surface Windows RT with 64GB will be available in a new 64GB separate version for a likely price to be about $599 to permit consumers the choice of selecting a cover of their own variety.
  • Latest Touch Cover in three different colors cyan, red at magenta at likely price of $129.99.
  • Customers will also be provided with a different options such as surface latest edition, wedge mouse etc.

Limited warranty is offered along with the product, which is a protection for the customer’s investment. Microsoft promises you that every hardware product you purchase is free from faults and defects in equipment’s and workmanship under normal circumstances of use during the entire warranty period which starts from the date of purchase.

Within this warranty period users are free to avail of the maintenance and repair and services free of cost. If these services such as warranty at locations are not available, then consumers can locate it on the internet or over the phone.

In case of software support, you can get help under various categories and databases at the Microsoft site including tips and hints, Microsoft Solutions, Self-Diagnostic Tools, Support videos, How-to, and many more.

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