[IDC]Android Will Overtake iOS Tablet Marketshare by 2013 Year End!

IDC a well known research firm has recently released a report which indicates that Android would overtake iOS in the worldwide tablet market share.

IDC predicts android overtake ios in tablet marketshare

According to the recent findings from IDC,due to increase in the low cost products in the recent times,Android would overtake iOS in the Tablet market share with 48.8%(41.5% last year) of worldwide tablet marketshare as compared to iOS which would consume 46%(51% last year) of tablet market share this year.

In 4 years time i.e by 2017 the Android marketshare would be around 46%,closely followed by apple at 43.5% and the distant third would be Windows at 7.4% of total worldwide tablet market share.


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