5 Best Free Data Backup Softwares For Windows

20130304-151312.jpg Backing up a computer is extremely important. Some circumstances in life are out of anybody’s control and In case of theft or breakage of the system, the user loses all the important data he possesses, in such a situation it’s very important to have a backed up data. Many soft wares provide backing up of data free of cost. This software’s back up the important files of user and recovers them in case of crash. They work as an insurance cover for the important files and apps of the user. Out of the many free backing software’s for windows available in the market, here are a few we have listed down:

1.Comodo Backup
In the category of free backup software’s, Comodo Backup software tops our list. It backs up files of different extensions. The notable feature about this software is that you can protect your files through a password, locking them into a safe space. Another feature that stands out from the rest is that Comodo lets you schedule the backups, so the user can stay carefree. Comodo is useful backup software which is often used by customers looking for a safe backup.

2.Cobian Backup

This backup software is quite popular among the users for its astonishing design. The feature that stands out in this software is its ability to backup the opened files; this feature is missing from the other backup software’s. It can backup files to FTP. It supports 32 and 64 bits windows.


3.GFI Backup


GFI backup stands out on professional grounds due to the availability of VSS service. This backup software is faster than the other backup software’s. The simple working of this software makes it easy for the users. It also notifies the user of backup after the backing of files is done. It backs up the files to FTP also. The backup size is unbelievable, it’s unlimited. It supports all the Windows.

4.F Backup
This Free backup software can be easily used for commercial means and also for personal usage. This software backs the files in the USB. You have two options while backing up the files using this software, either to zip the file or copy it in its original size. It backs up the files automatically so it provides a hassle free process for the users. It offers multi language option which lacks in the other backup software’s. The interface of this software is quite easy to use. It favors all versions of windows.

This software is a complete professional backup for Windows users. It has got all the attributes that completes this software for being the most popular backup software for Windows. It can backup pictures, files, directories, etc. The feature that keeps this software stand aloof from others is its Disaster recovery option that enables the user to retrieve the lost files at just one click. It favors all the versions of windows including Windows 7.


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