Is this the Real Samsung Galaxy SIII Snap ?

Few days back we saw a snap of supposedly to be Samsung Galaxy SIII but I felt it might be a photoshopped pic of the next gen Samsung Galaxy smartphone Why  ? Because we saw that this device gimmicked the new GalaxyTab 2 with silver edges a move that was initially made by Samsung to get Apple off of their back. The screen appeared to be massive and was edge-to-edge.

The bottom didn’t have have on-screen keys like we see it on the Galaxy Nexus. The single home button was featured as it was on the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note outside of the U.S.This means to say that we might see menu and back buttons on its sides if this design ends up being real.

Other things  we saw in was a lock switch and dedicated camera button on the right side, volume rocker on the left,front and semi-protruding back camera etc running TouchWiz UI.


What’s up with the “Weber Shandwick” logo in the bottom right? That is a legitimate PR company. Samsung uses a different PR group for most of their mobile press stuff, but Weber is in the mobile game and could have joined Sammy for some SGS3 fun.

If you also felt the same feeling as it might be mastered using Photoshop then here is some good news to cheer about.Someone had a friend working with Samsung, he posted a snap of Samsung Galaxy SIII.Not only he gave the snap of it but also posted Galaxy S III specs.


So what did he say?

  • 4.7″ HD display that has just enough space for a front camera, speaker grill, and so that cases would fit on.
  • Quad-core Exynos chip with 2GB of RAM. He initially called the SoC a 4212, which is Samsung’s latest dual-core chip, but then changed it to 4412
  • 8MM thick but with a 2250mAh battery.
  • 12MP rear camera.
  • Back is made of ceramic just like the HTC One S.
  • The back is completely smooth without the famous hump from last year’s model.
  • Sammie may be looking into giving you the option to choose either TouchWiz or stock ICS – sort of a dual-launcher approach.

What do I think? Well, the device mimics the Galaxy S2 in shape, but clearly has a larger screen. It’s running stock ICS and that’s about all you can tell. 12 MP camera Woah.I think Sammy is trying to go the Nokia way with 41 MP  808 PureView oversampling way.One myth is that more megapixels means more clarity.That’s not what it is .It all depends on the sensor.

Less megapixels would actually be beneficial to shutter lag and low light performance based on the size of those sensors and optics.If you’re not actually printing your cell phone photos on 8×10 paper, there is no need for more than 5MP.I feel 8 MP is fine as it is with the current Samsung Galaxy S II.

Could this actually be the SGS3? Sure, but we surely can’t tell from this poorly taken photo. Just add this one to the rumor pile that is growing by the day.But if it comes true then I might need to think to replace my Samsung Galaxy S II.


Thanks Droid-Life

Update :

Samsung Vice President Robert Yi all but confirmed the name of the upcoming device on financial results conference call. “We are anticipating strong demand of Galaxy S III/S3.” So, at the very least we can put the name to rest — well, we still don’t know if it will be the Galaxy S III or Galaxy S3, but that’s just spelling at this point.But the below image turned out to be a fake one.


An un-named Samsung executive told the Korea Times that US bound Galaxy S III smartphones will rely on Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor.he unnamed Samsung official states that the company will release different variants of the Galaxy S3 smartphone for different markets, though no mention was made of carriers or HSPA+.

The move appears to be in-line with that HTC has done with the AT&T version of the One X, releasing an international version with the Tegra 3 processor and a version on AT&T with the Snapdragon S 4. Samsung also went away from its in-house dual-core Exynos CPU for the Galaxy Note release on AT&T as well, an option we’re likely to see on T-Mobile’s upcoming Galaxy Note.

The folks at SamMobile have acquired what is believed to be a page from the official service manual for the Galaxy S III, or it Galaxy S3? No matter, the render in the below image looks exactly like the leaked image we saw of an alleged Galaxy S3 pop up in Brazil. It’s a splitting image, down the hardware buttons, curves, everything.

What’s more is the curves on this device seem to match up with the image teased by Samsung’s Denmark Facebook page. So is it possible we’re looking at the really final final final render of the Galaxy S III? It’s possible,but we are not sure though.

The spec list is where this gets a bit kinky and perhaps throws our confidence. The quad-core CPU was confirmed by Samsung late, but running at 1.4GHz and not 1.5GHz as this image would have us believe. The 4.8″ display listed here also conflicts with the 4.6″ to 4.7″ rumors that have persisted for the past few weeks.


SamMobile has a strong track record for Samsung leaks so we’re inclined to believe that this image is the real deal however, the specs on the page are up for debate. No matter, the Samsung Galaxy S III remains shrouded in a mystery that will only be unveiled on May 3rd.

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