5 Email Marketing Tips to Get More Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategies in digital marketing strategies. It is considered as a high ROI strategy. To get the most out of email marketing you need to have a huge and targeted list of subscribers. Having huge number of subscribers is the most important factor of getting good conversion rate from your email marketing campaign. You should encourage your first time visitors to opt-in to your email list to get more subscribers. In this article I will be going to share Email Marketing Tips to get more subscribers.

Make Your Sign-Up Form Easy to Find:

Keep your subscription form on home page as well as on the landing page of your website and keep it at a place where your readers can find it easily. You can place sign up form at the top of your website and at the side bar keep it above the fold of the page. Use bright colors and bold fonts to make it stand out from other content. This will help you to make your sign up form noticed by each and every visitor.

Make it Easy to Subscribe:  

Keep your email subscription form easy to subscribe. Ask for Email and Name only. Avoid use of captcha in your email subscription form. Make the things like name, address, contact no. as the optional things so that your visitors don’t find it personal and time consuming to subscribe to your newsletters. Even if you need more information then you can ask their information once the subscription is confirmed.

Clear Call to Action:

Wisely use call to action text in your subscription box. Instead of using text like ‘Submit your email’ use text ‘Sign up now’. Provide clear Call to Action in your newsletter sign up form. To have more newsletter subscribers you should you should have clear and short call to action that can force them to subscribe. Not having a clear call to action is one of the most common email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Avoid Junk Email Addresses:

Having the right email address is the key to success in email marketing campaign. Many people will use their junk email addresses for subscription. You should encourage visitors to subscribe with their right email addresses, ask them to subscribe with main email address instead of junk email address.  This can help you to get better results from your email marketing campaign.

Set Newsletter Expectations:

You should clearly tell your visitors that what they will get after subscribing your newsletter. Give them short and clear description of what types of content you will offer in your newsletter. Try to describe the benefits they will get from your newsletter. Also try to provide details about the timing and frequency of your newsletter. Let people know how often you mail them regarding your offers.

Apart from this you can bring more subscribers on to your opt-in list by forums signatures and publishing guest post on niche sites and offering free E book will effectively work to get hundreds of subscribers in a week or even within a day, all you do is producing excellent content (that help readers to get benefits from it) on your blog and encourage readers regularly to keep them get connected for a long time on your list.

These were few tips that can help you to grab more subscribers and if you get more subscribers from some other ways, you can share your view in the form of comment.

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