New 3rd Generation iPad aka new iPad Jailbroken by Musclenerd on iOS 5.1

New iPad just hit stores this Friday and we saw huge people waiting in queue to get their hands on their own new iPad.But who would have thought the development would pick up so soon.There are good reknowned names coming into the jailbreak scene.Pod2G and his team cracked the A5 and were successful in releasing the Absinthe jailbreak which allowed total untethered liberation on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, powered by Apple’s A5 processor.The celebration was short lived however, with Apple taking over San Francisco to announce the release of the new iPad, powered by a new A5X processor and running the new iOS 5.1 firmware.

Another extremely talented, but often overlooked developer involved in the jailbreak scene is German based Stefan Esser, more commonly known as i0n1c.Esser has previously been responsible for research and work which ended in a jailbreak for iOS 4 which spanned three software updates and was heavily involved behind the scenes in the production of the Absinthe based jailbreak. I0n1c has once again been showing off his jailbreak ninja skills, first of all by being the first to showcase a jailbreak for the iPad 2 running iOS 5.1 and now the show has shifted towards the iPhone Dev Team’s front man MuscleNerd, who has successfully jailbroken the new iPad so fast running iOS 5.1 (9B176) firmware.I never expected the new iPad to be jailbroken so soon and I really appreciate the efforts Musclenerd, the lead hacker of iPhone Dev Team

He posted two screenshots on Twitter showing off the new iPad running the latest build of Cydia,1.1.5.Below pics show the terminal window with root access while the next image shows Cydia on “The New iPad”.

This is just started and half cooked but seeing the work going on it won’ take much time for a complete build to be out may be out in a week or so.Right now there’s no official word on when the untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak will be available though.



In the meantime, those of you who own A4 devices (like iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod touches) can jailbreak the latest iOS 5.1 (tethered) jailbreak using Redsn0w, or using Sn0wbreeze. For jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2, you can jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe on Windows or Mac. Those of you with an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod touches can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze to untether jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1.

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