Things you need to keep in mind while choosing your web host.

The renting space provided on a web server is called web hosting. Web site is nothing but a domain name. It is a collection of files that display text and graphics on your computer. This web server is extraordinary thing that allows you to receive the requests from the internet to the website files which is then stored and then sends the files over to the internet so that the computer can display them. This web server also provides other services such as creating email addresses on the domain name. Many types of software are installed on the web server which enables your websites to run several programs. Any type of computer can act as a web server but the software on it will it make it act as a server.

  • Space and storage is very much necessary for a computer to store data. Probably web servers has limited amount of hard disk memory to divide up and offer the hosting to their customers. The space provided is split into different package levels when you pay more you get more and you will have enough amount of space to have videos, store pictures and many other files too. Probably if your website is presented with bigger space than the purchase of disk space will also be more from the web host.
  • Bandwidth is a very important factor too because when one copy of your files is stored on the server, thousands or millions of them can download it for viewing. This commodity must be purchased by the web host from the internet service providers. Purchasing more bandwidth space is good for your site as well, since when your site will have an increase in its traffic you will require more bandwidth space.
  • Nowadays, the services and facilities for your web pages are offered 24 hours a day by the companies but some times they may fail when you purchase a best quality web host wherein you have 99% uptime guarantee then even the web server will be running for 99% of the billing period.
  • CGI scripts is a offer provided by variety of web hosting companies which commonly perform desired functions such as guest books, message boards and many other programs.

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