How to flash Original Firmware on the LG Optimus One P500.

I’m writing this article as a lot of people don’t want to risk trying Custom ROMs till they have a sure way of returning to the stock LG ROM/ Firmware just in case something goes wrong and they need to submit the phone to LG. LG will not accept your phone under warranty if it has a Custom ROM on it. So, this article should be a life saver!

First of all, you need the firmware file updating software, which you can download from here : KDZ_firmware_updater

Now, you need the LG firmware repository to download the version of the LG ROM that you need. This is a bit tricky and requires some attention. I know this may confuse some of you but be sure I’ll help anybody who comments on this blog, but then its better to get it done at once rather than wasting your time and hence I request you to read carefully.

Now first I’m explaining how to read the country codes from the firmware country codes page. This is the list of country codes for the firmware: LG P500 firmware country codes

Here, all country codes are given. Now suppose, I want to download the firmware for India, i’ll hit CTRL + F (shortcut for search on browsers) and write INDIA. It’ll display the location of the word INDIA on the page. Now the code will read like :


Here, AINDBK is the code we need. Lookup the code for your country similarly as mentioned above and copy it somewhere.

Now, the prototype of the download link is this :

First, copy this link, paste it in the notepad. Now get your country code, and replace the XXXXX from the above link with your country code. For example, my link would look like this after replacement :

Now paste this link in the address bar and hit enter. It’ll initiate the download for your firmware.
If you want a different firmware, like the V10B update or the V10C update, just replace the a and A after V10 in the above link (at both places) with the letter of the version you want. Please keep in mind that the case of the letter should be same accordingly. My download link for the V10B update would look like :

Now when you’re all equipped with the requirements, we shall now proceed to the flashing part.

  1. Go to the folder where you have downloaded the Firmware Updater : KDZ_firmware_updater and extract it.
  2. Install msxml.msi from the extracted directory
  3. Connect your phone (don’t Turn On USB storage) and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe.
  4. In the window, select Type : 3GQCT
  5. Also select PhoneMode : DIAG
  6. In the place where you have to give path for KDZ file, select the ROM you have downloaded using the link you made for your country specific firmware.
  7. Press Launch software update and wait for about 10 minutes. The screen will then say “Emergency mode”. Just wait and let it reboot.
  8. You’re back to the LG Stock Firmware!

I hope this article helps you and if you’ve not been using a Custom ROM for the reason mentioned above, now is the time to do so!

Happy Flashing!

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14 Responses to “How to flash Original Firmware on the LG Optimus One P500.”

  1. me

    Jan 12. 2011

    Can it cause a brick?

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  2. Godlike!

    Jan 14. 2011

    Any procedure related to flashing if not done properly might cause problems. However if you do just as its mentioned here, I guess everything will be alright as it has worked for me.

    Note: Don’t hold me responsible for any damages!

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    Jan 20. 2011

    SIR, I AM NOT ABLE TO GET KDZ_firmware_updater.

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  4. Godlike!

    Jan 21. 2011

    Link updated 🙂

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  5. Nav

    Jan 24. 2011

    Hi, the kdz tool showed some error in the end after the phone went into emergency mode like : could not reference to memory and click ok to terminate the program and cancel to debug. and I waited for so long hoping my phone would reboot but it didnt. And finally after about 15 minutes of wait i clicked cancel to debug and it again showed an error and closed kdz. now my phone is stuck at emergency mode and its been over 20 minutes. what should i do? i would really appreciate a fast response..

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  6. Nav

    Jan 25. 2011


    got it working, i forgot to do a factory reset before flashing and hence it was stuck on emergency mode. removed the battery and cooled it down and then did a hard reset. now runs like a charm. Thank you so much for this wonderful step by step guide.

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  7. Vitalijus

    Jan 28. 2011

    Sorry if stupid question, but i dont get it, where actually the list of firmaware codes is? I dont see any link to list

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  8. bharath

    Feb 28. 2011

    i hav a doubt!!

    my location is india itself…
    but im using a gsm phone…
    and not a cdma…

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  9. Vova

    Mar 01. 2011

    What if my country is not listed (Sweden)
    I tried for Finland and Norway hoping that there is a scecial code for Scandinavia (I even tried Scandinavia) but nope, there are no such. what schould I do? PLZ help

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  10. Raj

    May 21. 2011

    het thanks, but where do i get this lg firmware list, the link shared above is not working, and i cant find it anywhere else??

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  11. Mallies

    Oct 30. 2011

    i tried to update my firmware usinh lg software updater but it stuck in emergency mode pls tell me what i should do now….

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