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Many of the bloggers main concern while selecting a theme is how good the theme is, how does it look on the site,what will the visitors feel of the theme, how well it is coded,seo optimized,how fast it loads the site and last but not the least how well it is to earn some quick bucks.Coming to money making one of the highest paying source as you know is Google Adsense.One of terms it comes to mind is how to get a high CTR for Google Adsense(Click through rate).How and what size should be the size of my ad so that I get a good CTR rate for better earnigns ? The more the CTR the more is the earnings from Adsense.Google Adsense Team always suggests Best Ads Placements through Regular Newsletters, various Guides, One Click Optimizer and Optimization Lab.Now this leads to you in a dilemma on choosing the right theme which can give you best earnings in Google Adsense.

Today I am going to share with my dear readers a guranteed high paying CTR WordPress theme by the name AdsensePress. Basically this theme AdsensePress is developed by Mayur Somani.After monitoring many adsense sites that made more then $100 everyday on marketplaces like flippa, he noticed that most of these sites have a very similar layout. These sites make sure that there is minimum distractions so that the only way to leave the site is either to click on the adsense ads, or the close button on the browser. And guess what 99% of people do? Yes, you are right, they click on the adsense ads!

By combining all the super secret tactics to improve the CTR here is AdsensePress, the WordPress theme that will instantly boost your adsense CTR. Once you apply this theme to your nice website, you’ll see that your adsense income will double or triple instantly!


This has a very simple design with 2 column structure and a nice combination of width, font, ad locations and sidebar display.Some of its features include the simplicity in setting it up, advanced admin options,fastest loading wordpress theme,SEO optimized,One-click Section targeting.In the adsense settings you will find Layout settings, footer settings, Adsense code and targeting options.

Here is a Sample Google Adsense Ad Stats Report which can give you an exact idea on what you could get with this theme.

Advantages of AdsensePress

AdsensePress is fully optimized for search engines.In addition to the theme you will also get a detailed tutorial on setting up AdsensePress with a popular SEO plugin to create  bulletproof niche website that ranks within days in search engines, especially on Google. The one time theme cost of $19 can help you earn a lot more in the long run and ensure that the theme purchase investment was a worthy one.

Why AdsensePress ?

If you are concerned with increasing your Adsense earnings then don’t wait and repent later for not buying this theme.Trust me readers, this really works and am sure you won’t regret the decision once you have bought the theme.The theme has a perfect blend of Google Adsense ads and other elements and are placed that you will see a boost in your CTR the moment you install AdsensePress theme.

Not only that this one time cost comes with Lifetime License for AdsensePress Theme,SEO Guide for WordPress from SEOforWP.com,Link Building Guide For Adsense Sites,Lifetime Support.So what else can you ask for from 19$.There are very few licenses left for this theme and I recommend you guys buy this wonderful theme at the earliest so that you can increase your Adsense earnings.So what are you waiting for ? Go buy this theme .Check out adsensepress website for more info.Stay tuned readers I might announce a giveway on the site some time soon until then check out the video.

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Image and Video Credits AmitBhawani

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  1. TechGopal

    May 29. 2011

    in reality i don’t believe in such theme…
    if you have good site statistics then every thing will go well as well as adsense also

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    • Siddanth

      May 29. 2011

      Those stats i have shared is real and you can see the CTR there.

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