Download Opera 10.60 Beta version

Opera users can rejoice as Opera team have released a Beta version of Opera 10.60.The main reason behind the Beta release is to concentrate on the performance analysis and core updates.This summer, Opera will release version 10.60 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Feel free to test the upcoming version now and contribute to improving Opera.

Some of the features of  Opera 10.60 Beta are

  • Faster Browsing: Thanks to fine tuning to the Javascript engine giving more than a 75% speed improvement in some benchmark tests.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux in sync: Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux will be made available at the same time.
  • Wide-screen Speed Dial: Now, Speed Dial fits most monitors better with wide-screen thumbnails for your favorite webpages, giving a clearer preview view of websites.
  • Improved tab previews: The visual “peek” effect when hovering over tabs looks more refined with smoothly rounded corners and a clear display of page titles.
  • A more visible menu button: The Opera menu button for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD users is now clearly labeled so that it is easier to find and use.
  • Linux/FreeBSD versions: Opera 10.5x final has been skipped, but all its new features will be included in Opera 10.60. This includes private browsing, improved KDE and Gnome skinning, and much more.
  • Smarter searching: New search suggestions for selected providers help you enter queries more easily to find more of the results you seek.
  • Location awareness: Opera can now prompt you to share your location, allowing websites to provide more relevant and useful information.
  • Attractive feature icons: Tab previews and visual tabs now show specific icons for Opera features such as bookmarks, the download manager and history.

Developer’s point of view

  • Geolocation: You can add location awareness to your web applications to expand the possibilities of what you can offer.
  • Appcache: Web applications can be designed to continue working without Internet access.
  • WebM support: Opera now supports WebM in HTML5 video: a high quality, free and open video format.

So give it a try and let me know how cool it is.

Download Opera 10.60 Beta | Download Opera 10.60 Beta Direct link(Windows)

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