9 Windows Phone 7 At launch Pricing announced

We have just started off with the official windows phone 7 launch with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer addressing at an event and now it’s official we will be seeing as many as 9 Windows Phone 7 devices at launch from HTC,LG ,Samsung and Wait for it. . . Dell as well.
The devices are tailor made as per the users needs we have a rough and tough Dell Windows phone 7 as well as a huge screened devices ,phones for music lovers and so on.

[Image Credits :Engadget]

About the pricing, LG Quantum heading for AT&T for 199.99$,HTC Surround with a huge hardware at stake this beast priced at 199.99$ as well,Samsung focus priced for 199.99$ all of them heading for AT&T for november 8 launch.So AT&T indeed is premier carrier for Windows Phone 7 Devices.

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