5 Best Non Touchscreen mobile phones

These are the days of smart phones and most of them come with a touchscreen and is hard to find one without a touchscreen. However, there are a few good ones that come with a full QWERTY keyboards, and are non touchscreen mobile phones, which have been rated as the best smart phones and business phones. A sneak into 5 of the affordable and featured phones by reviewers are:

BlackBerry Curve 8900:

The phone has been complemented for the sharp and clear display, Wi-Fi, GPS and QWERTY keypad. However, what is not good about this phone is the absence of 3G. This is the phone that you will need for emailing and instant messaging efficiently on a slim and pleasant phone. However, the phone does come for a price that is bit expensive.

Nokia E72:

This phone comes with an excellent build and quality that has an impressive keypad with improved camera and is highly responsive. The battery life is quite extensive and has a 3.5 mm audio port. The optical navi-pad is quite annoying with the S60 platform that this will feel quite outdated. Business users who are quite competent and who are looking for a no nonsense smartphone will like the E72 for great breadth of features and stylish design.

Nokia N86:

This is one of the best launches from Nokia, Nokia N86, which has a 8 mp camera and is been rated as the best non-touchscreen smartphone. However, do not come for a price that not many can afford, but is worth the money paid. This is a dual slide design with rounded corners and measures about 103.4 mm × 51.4 mm × 16.5 mm and has a display of 16 million colors. They can play for nearly 25 hours and has a compatible Nokia Bluetooth stereo headset BH-214, with a camera that has options for wide-angle and high-speed shutter. The OLED screen has a handset that is scratch resistant with hardened glass and comes with easy photo management, full sync capability for PC and TV. This is also a good gaming phone.

BlackBerry Curve 8520:

The responsive optical track pad and a dedicated media controls with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 MP cameras and a good call quality are some of the plus points that makes this to be nominates as one of the best non touchscreen smart phones. What is not so good about these phones is that they lack support for 3G and GPS that comes with downloadable apps that can be saved onto the phone’s main memory only. The clitches for this phone is that this is one of the sleek entry-level smartphone delivering some of the nice designs and enhancements with a great performance.

BlackBerry Bold 9700:

This is a sleek design that when compared with earlier design will include a track pad has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a brilliant display. The 3G capability, Wi-Fi with UMA support, Bluetooth and GPS are some of the features running on a faster processor and can be updated to BlackBerry OS 5.0 with a much compact size keyboard and a display that is nor a deal breaker. This is a much sleeker and slim design and is more efficient than their predecessor.


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