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During the few moments of the Rock and Roll event on 9/09/09 Apple laid out a new version of iTunes i.e iTunes 9.Steve Jobs took the stage today at Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco,and was joined by SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller and VP of iTunes engineering Jeff Robin to announce a number of new music-related products. Jobs unveiled iTunes 9, which sports a number of refined syncing options and automatic Genius playlists.


Jobs kicked off the event by making a brief statement about his recent liver transplant. Jobs received the liver of a 20-yr old someone who had died in a car crash, and had elected to donate his organs. “I wouldn’t be here without such generosity, so I hope all of us can be as generous and elect to become organ donors,” Jobs told the crowd. But, he said, “I’m vertical, back at Apple, loving every day of it, getting to work with incredibly talented teams to work with some great new products.”

The updated iTunes also supports some new refinements to the iTunes store itself,including new iPhone ringtones(library of 30,000 pre-made ringtones for the iPhone),Genius Mixes,the rumored iTunes LP format (aka Cocktail), iTunes Extras for movies, and a refined store organization.the store has been cleaned up in a Snow Leopard fashion along with a bunch of other small features including sharing what albums you’re interested in on Facebook.


The store comes in  a full screen mode and you just simply roll over a song to activate Quick View that lets you purchase without leaving the page,just as preview page. Ain’t that awesome.This works with songs, albums, music videos, movies, and TV episodes.Now you can pick up LPs from the store that includes lyrics, notes, videos, photos, and more.

There are two major new content formats viz. iTunes LP and iTunes Extras.iTunes LP,the result of the “Cocktail” project,gives album buyers access to a variety of additional content, including animated, sync’ed lyrics, liner notes, performance videos, discography information, and more. iTunes LP is described like “DVD extras for music iTunes Extras bring all the features you get on a DVD to the iTunes store(DVD Extras).

The new Home sharing tool allows users to easily share and copy their media over five select computers.Beyond streaming, tracks and video can be copied among approved computers, and can even be configured to automatically sync content to different machines.You can gift the music or share on facebook or twitter or too.

Tha app management is awesome which gives you access to setup and arrange your home screens on your iphone/iphone touch.Apps can be arranged by genre,sorted onto separate screens, and even entire screens can be re-arranged right in iTunes. The whole arrangement can then sync to your iPhone or iPod touch.You can also drag and drop to move certain apps or whole pages of apps.


You can also sync  music with artists,genres etc. instead of making smart playlist which can be tedious at times if you have a large database of library,sync photos by album, faces, or events or sync movies by several criteria.  Steve Jobs called iTunes 9 “the biggest release of iTunes in a long time.” Not sure though if the app is updated with full 64-bit Snow Leopard support.

Download iTunes 9

Hate downloading like this eh ? Don’t bother, go for offline installers.

Download iTunes 9 offline installers for Mac OS X

Download iTunes 9 offline installers for Vista/Windows 7


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