Download Direct X 11 for Windows 7 or Vista

You might know Microsoft has evolved a long way in improving their new OS Windows 7 by coming up with new builds and loads of changes embedded with it.Microsoft has also brought new changes in field of Direct X era to implement latest graphic card features for a wide variety of Hi-end games and Digitalized features.

After making DirectX 10 available for Windows Vista,now Microsoft has been working on getting DirectX 11 with Direct 3D 11 to existence.Earlier I had blogged that Win Xp users can make use of Warp 10 3d to make use of DirectX10 effects using a DirectX 9 based graphic card as Direct X 11 is not available for Xp Users.What is DirectX 11 ? DirectX 11 is the a collection of APIs (application programming interfaces) for handling tasks related to graphics and multimedia, especially in game and video, on Windows and Microsoft platforms. Examples of DirectX API includes Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectWrite, Direct2D, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectCompute and DirectSound.

DirectX runtime is essential component of Windows which allows software application to take advantage of the enhanced and latest technology in graphic processing unit (GPU) like the  58XX series from ATI. DirectX 11 is incorporated and bundled in Windows 7 so you don’t need to do anything with this.But Vista is DirectX 10 so update your Vista with the DirectX 11 by performing a Platform update given below.

DirectX 11 features DirectCompute for GPGPU hardware accelerate parallel computing scenarios support, hardware tessellation support, hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D and text-based scenarios support, and improved multi-threading support to better utilize multi-core processors. DirectX 11 also adds XPS Library for document printing scenarios.

Direct X 11 also has full backward-compatibility with DirectX 9, DirectX 9Ex, DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1, where multi-threaded resource handling can be supported on Direct3D 9/10/10.1-class hardware.DirectX 11 is released via Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library KB971512 update for Windows Vista SP2. The easiest way to upgrade and install DirectX 11 is through Windows Update, but the standalone setup installers for KB971512 are also available for free download via Microsoft Download Center.Links are given below.

Windows 7/Direct 3D 11 Technical preview is a part of DirectX SDK and mainly contains a preview of Direct2D, DirectWrite, DXGI 1.1.Most important is that its available in DirectX End-user Runtimes.Currently Windows 7/Direct3D 11 (DirectX 11) is supported only on Windows 7 and now can be made on Windows Vista via Windows update

directx installation


Download DirectX 11 for Windows7/Vista (SDK)514.2MB

Download DirectX 11 for Windows7/Vista(Web Installer)

Download DirectX 11 for Windows 7/Vista August 2009

Download DirectX 11 End User Runtimes update – Feb 2010

Download Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library (with DirectX 11) KB971512 Update – to get Direct X 11

KB971512 for Windows Vista, x86-based versions: Windows6.0-KB971512-x86.msu

KB971512 for Windows Vista, x64-based versions: Windows6.0-KB971512-x64.msu

The Platform Update for Windows Vista (KB971644) also contains update and enhancement to the following technologies, all of which can be installed via Windows Update and has standalone update package available for download on Microsoft Download Center (available via KB links):

  • Windows Automation API (KB971513) – enables accessibility tools and test automations to access the Windows user interface in a smooth way across operating system versions.
  • Windows Portable Devices Platform (KB971514) – supplies the infrastructure to standardize data transfers between an application and a portable device, such as a mobile phone, a digital camera, or a portable media player.
  • Windows Ribbon and Animation Manager Library (KB960362) – contains the following features of Windows Ribbon API, a command framework that enables developers to quickly and easily create rich ribbon experiences in their applications, and Windows Animation Manager API, an animation framework for managing the scheduling and execution of user interface element animations.

Thanks to MDL for update links


Microsoft has released a new updated version for the DirectX 11 (I have updated to latest version of Direct X 11 with addition of Bing bar see above images) which has now been made available for download, just before the start of a new year. Microsoft Download Center was seen flashy as it displayed a brand new version of DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer which provides updates to 9.0 as well as previous versions of DirectX.Normally we would see update in form of a collection but this time it’s offered as the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.

Here is the quote

The DirectX end-user installation includes the D3DX, HLSL Compiler, XInput, XAudio, and Managed DirectX 1.1 components. Note that the DirectX Runtime (Direct3D, DirectInput, DirectSound) is not part of this package as it is included as part of the Windows operating system, and therefore cannot be installed or uninstalled. Updating the DirectX Runtime is achieved by installing the latest Service Pack or obtaining a newer version of Windows.

The DirectX End-User Runtime Installer does not bring Windows 7 DirectX 11 to older operating systems. Users running Windows XP would continue to share privilege at DirectX 9 level. Direct X 11 would be available to users who have upgraded their operating systems with Windows Vista Service Pack 2.Users who are running Vista as their primary OS would need to download and install the “Platform Update for Windows Server 2008 and the Platform Update for Windows Vista.

Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer update


DirectX 11 Technology Update



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  • Zeroknight

    wonder if it works on xp? heard windows 7 is already having problems.

  • Siddanth

    Nope it doesn’t work on Xp i have seen some upload a modded version of dx 11 for Xp just google it out…its a RS link…

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  • Jason

    Will this upgrade directx to 11?

    Is this safe to install on vista home basic?
    not sure to download & install it.

    I have Nvidia 9500GT 512mb PCIe video card, is this compatible with this upgrade?

  • Siddanth

    Best thing i would suggest is make a back up of ur pc via system restore or using back up softwares and then give it a try it was stable for me in vista now i am using win 7 so not sure..

  • jghj`

    lols anyone suspecting the download on this page jus download the web installer version and look at it from tile view in the folder you dload it to and it shoud say Direct x 9.0 setup. this isnt direct x 11.

  • 3d scanning

    Thanks for the link and the download

  • ll.Maggy

    I suppose it should work perfectly on windows 7 ,since they are intending to add it to windows 7package as they did with x10 in vista ..

    &No this is not a directx 9 .. x9 is hardly 100mb much less 514 mb .. it’s probably just some old installer pattern .

  • Siddanth

    Yes, its will work on Windows 7 had installed it on the RTM version on my home pc..

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  • Raed

    I attempted a test and extracted the executable(redistribution) and installed to Windows XP. I have a ATI card, and the new Direct X works well with it. After the install to my surprise it worked very well. The screen resolution of explosions like in Battlefield 2 are so nice looking now. I heard this version was not really compatible with XP, but it works like a charm on my XP with SP3. Try it, you wo’t regret it. But you must have a ATI or Nvidia card to truly get the results you want. VERY GOOD results from me.

  • Siddanth

    Glad Raed u liked it enjoy your games ;)

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  • Serviced Apartments in Bangalore

    Hey Thanks for the links really M enjoying it I have installed it to my lapy. A big thanks to u?

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  • SA

    There IS Any Virus IN This Files ?

    • Siddanth

      NO SA. Don’t worry i have checked it, its a link from Microsoft website go download it.

  • sunny

    Hey sidhant…im frm india. Hey i came to knw of directx 11 today acros sme gamesitez n thought of downloadin it frm net if had releasd . so i searchd in google whn i came acros dis site. as u said i downloadd n instald the 500mb file. i thought it wud instal directx 11 but i got sdk. i aslo instald the dx runtime frm redist folder in it. but my pc stil shows dx10. my vista home premuim sp2 , 32 bit already got the platform update 971644 long b4 but i cant get the 971512 n other updates manualy since my updater dint receive those updates yet. plz help me xperience the dx11 on my vista notebook n temme how to download it.

    • Siddanth

      Hi Sunny,

      Thanks for checking out my site.Try downloading the latest update i.e the August one or with the Windows update.As far as i know DirectX 11 can only be made to full use on Windows 7 and Vista supports only DirectX 10.1.If you have a directX 11 supported card that is the latest from ATi 5850 5870 or even the 5890 try it out on Windows 7 try to download the Windows 7 RTM if possible and check it out on Windows 7.Do get back if you need help.


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  • behrooz

    tnx very very much

  • james2010

    so dose this 512 mb dx11 work on windows vista Home Premium version??

    • Siddanth

      Vista comes with direct X 10 by default and if u update this you can make use of direct x 11

  • mich

    I´m wondering if this could fix the KERNELBASE.dll APPCRASH for the EPASWMM5?

    • Siddanth

      No mich you cannot solve using this as this might be a game issue or a internet explorer issue check if u have some spyware infecting ur pc try with hijackthis or a good anti-spyware.

  • vins

    i jus installed prince of persia..nd its showin some .dll file is missin… i shld install directx 11 for my windows 7 rite????

    • Siddanth

      yes vins problem with directx download the installer and use the kb patch to enable dx 11.In run prompt type in dxdiag to see the version installed.

  • michael pangilinan

    directx 11 is only for windows 7 and nvidia geforce 400 series

    nvidia 200, 9 & 8 series only supports directx 10.

  • Dmitry

    I dowload one game called Metro 2033 and when i run it write me an error. I try install This Direct 11 but it say to me that my(Windows 2007) windows can not install it. Why?? I am from Russia so if i do some mistakes forgive me))

    • Siddanth

      Hi Dmitry, what error do you get ? which version of windows 7 are you using ? A screen shot of error would be easy to tell me what is the issue.


  • Dovla

    Well it works for me on Ati radeon HD 4890

  • Marko

    i installed directx 11 and now.. i can’t play directx 9 games, my graphics card doesn’t support this directx 11! please help! i don’t know how to delete directx 11 now!

    • Siddanth

      Which OS are you using Marko ?

  • nikhil

    hey …..m geting probleam in installing this direct x
    i have a windows 7 nd 2gb ram ….
    at th time of installation it’s showing the error
    error code:S1010

    • Siddanth

      Hello nikhil what is the error you are getting full config please win 7 which edition ddr2 ram of which frequency please give me a screen shot of error that would help me fix the prob.

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  • Peejay

    Please how do I download DirectX 11 for my windows vista… I wanna play my PES 2011

    • Siddanth

      Please proceed with the steps and download the links what i mentioned.

  • Chao

    im using windows 7
    what should i do?
    should i dl the 514mb and the 104mb?

    • Siddanth

      Yes Chao please do and do a windows update later on

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  • Harshvardhan

    hey, i have NVIDIA 9400 GT graphics card, i have installed MEDAL OF HONOR, bt its showing that .dll file is missing, i have directx 11 version in windows 7. early this game is running in my pc very good bt after formatting my pc , its showing this error. So, what i have 2 do ?? plzzz help me !!

    • Siddanth

      Do you have dot. net framework and proper nvidia drivers for your card if your driver is mismatching it can give dll errors.Use cCleaner to clean files after you have installed DirectX

    • Santos54b

      very simple just go to google type the name of the missing file download it and past it where your game is installed that’s it enjoy  :)

      it works I have the same problem with cod 3

  • best seo forums

    As i go through your post, I found your blog quite interesting. Thanks for sharing..

  • Razec

    hi siddanth is this directX11 works in need for speed the run in laptop?? its windows7 and im just finish installing but it require directx10.0 so is this work on my game??

    • Siddanth

      Hi what is your laptop configuration do you have graphics card in your laptop or running on onnboard graphics ?

  • Siddhu

    hi sid i have to install directx 11 for free but i am not getting it in any, site can you help me

    • Siddanth

      Links to download are in the post itself.go ahead and download it else get it via windows update.