DirectX 10.1 Vs DirectX 11 comparison-Call of Pripyat

Recently i had posted about the list of new games which would be supporting directX 11 API .One of the games was STALKER: Call of Pripyat.Today i give some comparison images between DirectX 10 and DirectX 11.How they differ, hows the clarity and the screens.The developer GSC Gameworld has already revealed a few screen shots comparing the two. While you can’t see much difference, as it’s still early and the first few games don’t utilize the new software the best way, there’s still noticeable improvements.

call ofpripyat

call ofpripyat1

In the screen shot above, the left side is DX 11 while the right is DX 10.1.Notice the gas mask and how the air filter is properly round instead of angular. FiringSquad has a lot more screen shots here.With the upcoming of 5870 the graphics will be awesome just waiting to pile up some cash and buy the red monster.What do you feel ?

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